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Maggie Mejia's 

Passion Academy

Launch Your Digital Business In 12 Weeks:  

And Serve The People God Has Called You To

 The "Passion Academy Launch Your Digital Business" is a 12 Week Course that will teach you how to create and launch your digital product and start the business of your dreams. 
Here you will find your voice, your unique style, your authentic self and blueprint for success in your industry. Inside you will learn what is YOUR TRUE BRAND, how to gain the right customers, how to run a profitable business, increase your serve and live like never before. 

If you are here, you have been thinking about starting a business. You have went through the countless hours of mental clutter and stress thinking "should I really start a business? Am I even capable of doing something like that on my own? Even if I do start, how long will it actually last?  


I remember sitting back for way too long and watching my dreams pass me by for one reason and one reason only. What's that reason? Fear.

We are constantly thinking FOR people. We rehearse thoughts in our head that sound a little like: "What will this person think if I pursue this?, I could never put myself out there like that, people will look at me like I'm crazy". Do those sound familiar? How about, "I know I have a passion, but I don't have a degree or know enough about this topic to be considered an expert, just forget it, who was I kidding". Am I getting closer...?

How about those of us who are already in business for ourselves? We have an extreme passion to serve people and a heart on fire for God, but for some reason we can't seem to get the hang of this thing called "business". We are sick and tired of buying product after product trying to learn how to get it right only to find ourselves in the same position year after year. 

It's time to take control of your business and live the life you know has been created for you. I know you have it in you to succeed, you just need the right mentors, tools and strategies. And that is what The Passion Academy Small Business & Launch University is all about. We give you the tools you need to succeed.

She Created Her Product, Gained A Customer Base 

And Started Another Stream Of Income As A Speaker

"Maggie I truly want to thank you. Never did I think I would be able to make an income pursuing my passion.

Writing And Teaching Sound Mind Awareness is something I was doing for free for years. My husband is the hardest working man I know but he knew that my passion for seeing people set free by the power of Jesus and them having the right tools was a powerful thing. Even if things were tight financially I took the step and invested in my training and education becauseI believed God was going to do something powerful. And Wow!!! (speechless) did He! 

Since working with you I was laid off And Thank God. It gave me time to focus on what really matters to me. I am living the life that I know could only be design for me. I have been able to increase my income through my book sales, I just had the biggest speaking engagement

EVER! And my second book is almost completed! (Someone Pinch me), Thank you so much for these invaluable tools that I will take with me, EVERYWHERE. Because of the strategies you have taught me I'm realizing I can add as many streams of income as I choose. The best part is, I find myself working less and not more". Truly a game changer. I look forward to what the future holds for my husband and I". 

Veronica Jimenez, Sound Mind Awareness

What Will Your Story Be?

Most of the time when I'm having a conversation with someone about business, I'm met with the similar comments like "that might be good and well for you, but I could never do it". I've also heard, 

“I have a couple of faithful friends for clients but I could never think of opening my own business".


”Everything in me knows I should start. I even have before, but I have a huge problem with consistency and I don't want to let people down". 

"I know that I would be excellent at wedding planning, but that's only seasonal money so I don't even bother".


Listen, theres only one question that really matters here...


Do you really believe in yourself?! Do you think you have what it takes to do amazing in this industry?


It doesn't matter if you are nose deep in debt, have no idea how you are going to make ends meet, are surrounded by people who believe the only way to make money online is to have a crazy skill set, or whatever the excuse has been up until this point, throw it all away! That entire mindset, get rid of it because it's working against you

You Can Do This!

If you allowed yourself to dream for a second, where would your mind take you? Do you see yourself,



  • Creating your own courses, being your own boss, with people who can't wait to buy your next course because of the valuable lessons you teach

  • Having a successful business as a song artist, traveling the world because God called you to missions

  • A sought out speaker who has several 6 figure incomes because you chose to leverage your skill set. 

  • Living a life that is fully transformed both personally and professionally. A real trail blazer in your industry.

  • Your very own ecommerce store! That takes off at lightning speed, and now you and your family can be at ease because you are completely out of debt and earning a REALLY GOOD income online


And Your Doing This All For The Kingdom Of God

You're living your purpose, pursuing your passion, bringing in profits, serving people and honoring God



It's time to go from dreaming to living girl! You have everything it takes to succeed, it's just a matter of starting.

If you've read this far, I'm going to assume you are looking to build a business online that will allow you to do everything you've always wanted.


You cannot contain yourself any longer. You are beginning to realize that had you started when you wanted to start you would've been way further in your career. Don't worry about the past... it's gone. 

If you know in your heart of hearts that you still want to serve people to the best of your ability and make great money while doing it... then let's keep chatting.

Here's Your Solution


"Passion Academy Launch Your Digital Business" is for woman entrepreneurs like you who want to learn how to stand out, captivate your audience and monetize YOUR AUTHENTIC BRAND!


Our trainings are  packed with highly practical steps that you can apply to your business RIGHT NOW!

We have a step-by-step method that teaches the ins and outs of business, branding, and technical trainings.


We will teach you everything you need to know in order to establish your true  personal brand and launch that online business girl! 

You will learn to master the power of social media and create a community of people who you are ready to serve through your expertise or passion


Scale your business so you can earn more while working less.


And unlike any other digital course out there that teaches you the "what" you should be doing in order to have an online business. We teach you the "how to" of the online world! 


I cover everything you need to be an amazing, out of the box, authentic, successful online entrepreneur. 


I'm looking forward to our journey together and am here to serve you in any way I can.


Grab Your Seat Before It's Too Late!

Passion Academy Launch Your Digital Product Includes:

I've Added My Special 2019 Bonus

  • NEW How To Increase Focus, Sales And Productivity

  • NEW Social Imaging And Graphic Design For The "Not So Techy" Person

  • NEW Mapping Your Business For Success

  • NEW Biblical Leadership Principles For Business

Bonus For 2019!

I Am Securing Your Success With



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60% OFF
This full training hub has never been offered before in one place:
  • How To Get The Most Out Of Facebook And Instagram​

  • How To Brand Your "Authentic Self" And Have
    Clients Wanting Your Services

  • How To Develop A Winning Mindset

  • How To Make More Money, While Working
    Less Hours A Day

  • Ins And Outs Of Affiliate Marketing 


  • How to Get Highly Targeted Leads

  • Engagement Content Marketing

  • The Divine Calling; The Difference You Make
    In Someones Life​


  • Strategic Action Steps And Accountability So You Can Take Action On Your Business Every Week

  • Digital Products From Idea, Concept, Creation And Launch 

  • How To Build A Suite Of Products In Your Niche To Maximize Your Sales

  • What Are The Best Resources, Product Platform And Format 

  • How To Build And Grow Your Email List Webinars

  • Live Weekly Training With Maggie Mejia In Our Private Facebook Group  

  • Weekly Audio Training so you can listen on the go

  • Get Your Questions Answered With A Weekly Q&A Day​​​

  • How Many Hobbies Can You Turn Into A Business

  • The Power Of Three Strategy That Catapults Your Business From The Very Beginning 


Don't Wait Any Longer... Make This Your Best Year Yet. See You On The Inside!

Join Now For  $997.00  $397.00

Maggie Mejia

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